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57 Small Business Ideas in Bangladesh for 2022

So you have decided to start a new business, now you are looking for some small investment & most profitable business ideas in Bangladesh that has a higher Return On Investment (ROI). In this Article, I will share some of the best ideas for business in Bangladesh for 2022 and beyond.

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Business Ideas in Bangladesh for 2022

There are many small and medium business ideas in Bangladesh, which can give you a good profit. Bangladesh is primarily an agricultural country, which makes agro-based business ideas very prospective for you.

Bangladesh has seen wide improvements in most economic indicators in the recent past. The future seems even brighter for business ideas in Bangladesh.

According to the World Economic Forum, Bangladesh’s GDP growth rate is forecast to be 8% by 2022.

Moreover, the service sector is also growing in the country. So, there are different types of business opportunities in Bangladesh.


50+ Most Profitable and Small Business Ideas List in Bangladesh for 2022

There are many business ideas available in Bangladesh. But I will share with you the most profitable, easy and successful businesses for you to start as a beginner in Bangladesh for 2022.

Now, Bangladesh is growing rapidly and this is the right time to start your business. There are many small entrepreneurs who want to start their business but lacking ideas. As newspaper report of Bangladesh, 11 lac (more than one million) educated people are unemployed. Neither employees are (job seeker) happy for salary nor employers are happy to appoint unskilled and imperfect people.

I shall not go to find the reason of such situation. Rather inspire the young people to reduce unemployment scenario.  Why do not you start small business! If you have spread, talent, capability of taking small risk, bright future for your next generation. Today’s small business will be bigger after 10 years if you utilize your talent, patience, time, knowledge and money properly. Even your son/ daughter will not have to find job for them. A good business never dies. Grandson proudly runs the business of Grandpa, along with a profitable livelihood.


Small Business Ideas in Bangladesh

At the present time, Bangladesh is passing her best time to start a new small business.

Bangladeshi young entrepreneurs are highly interested to start a small business rather than jobs.

This is the obviously great initiative for Bangladesh economics.

Bangladesh garments industry, poultry industry, tea industry, leather industry, sea fish industry and in recent time online businesses are most profitable businesses in Bangladesh.


Here is a list of most profitable low-cost businesses to start in Bangladesh that has high-profit potential:

1. Super Shop Business in Bangladesh

Super Shop

A Small-scale super shop business is profitable small business ideas in Bangladesh.

Location is very important for this business. A busy residential area is the perfect place to start.

450 to 500 square foot is space is perfect to start a small super shop.

You can hire one or two employees to help you in this business.

The minimum investment is 10,00,000 (10 Lac) BDT.

2. Fashion House Business in Bangladesh

Fashion House

At the present time, the fashion house business is a very suitable business in Bangladesh. Before starting a fashion house business you should do some plan.

A perfect business plan is required to start this profitable business in Bangladesh. Like super shop business, the minimum investment is 10,00,000 (10 Lac) BDT. Location is the key to success in this business. You can also run an online shop too.

3. Baby & Mother’s Product Business in Bangladesh

Baby & Mother

This is not an easy business looks like. You have to study before the start. The products are very sensitive.

Near the hospital, a largely residential area is the perfect location to start this business.

It is very profitable small business ideas Bangladesh Based.

4. Toy Shop Business in Bangladesh

Toy Shop

The toy industry is new in Bangladesh. Most of the toys are coming from China. You have to buy them in wholesale from Dhaka and Chittagong where the price is reasonable.

Before starting a toy shop in Bangladesh, you have to analysis the market.

One thing you have to keep in mind that toys are not for all class of people. So you have to make a perfect business plan for the toy shop. Again, location is important.

5. Stationery Shop Business in Bangladesh

Stationery Shop

Let’s introduce another small profitable business idea in Bangladesh. It is a local business idea but very profitable.

A stationary shop is the best option while your investment is low. Besides school, college, the university is the perfect location to start.

6. Fast Food Shop Business in Bangladesh

Fast Food Shop

Ahh! This is one of my most favorite business idea on this list. Most of the young entrepreneurs in Bangladesh are interested in this profitable business.

Especially, in the big cities like Dhaka, Chittagong is the place where you can start a fast food shop business.

Good service and location is the key to success. I think the minimum investment is around 5 to 7 lack BDT.

7. Coffee Shop Business in Bangladesh

Coffee Shop

A small coffee shop business is best to own business idea. In Bangladesh, there is a few coffee shops who are only selling coffee. If you want to start your own business for a long time then you can choose this business.

Notably, a business plan for startup is a must if you want to avoid mistakes and loss in your business. Personally, I know a guy who was unsuccessful in this business due to location. A commercial area, near the park, the shopping mall is a suitable place to start a coffee shop business.

Must read: 5 Real Challenges of Starting a Coffee Shop in Bangladesh

8. Mobile Phone Selling Shop Business in Bangladesh

Mobile Shop

This would be another opportunity to start own business in Bangladesh. Online Advertising or Online Shop can increase your sales.

9. Small Scale Restaurant Business in Bangladesh

Restaurant Shop

The restaurant business is one of the trending business ideas in Bangladesh. But, the main fact is, 80% of the restaurant is losing their investment. On the other hand, less 20% restaurant is making a big amount of profit.

So before thinking about this business, you have to make a perfect business plan. You must find out your strength and weakness.

In this business ideas list, it is one of the most profitable idea, but also challenging.

10. Barber or Salon Shop Business in Bangladesh

Salon & Barber Shop

This is an evergreen business idea while you are doing another business. You can take the salon business as a part-time business also.

Creativity, marketing, and good behavior is the key to success in a new salon business in Bangladesh.

There are lots of salons are available in a single area. You have to find out why customers will come to your salon. Is there any specialty?

11. Cosmetics Shop Business in Bangladesh

Cosmetic Shop

The cosmetics industry is fast growing in Bangladesh rather than any other business.

Mainly the girls are the main customers for this business. Almost all the girls are used to by using any cosmetics item.

Around 35% to 40% or more can be earned from this business.

You can also open an Online Cosmetics Shop to make more sales.

12. Fixed Price Shop Business in Bangladesh

Fixed Price Shop

A Fixed price shop is one of the best business ideas in Bangladesh too. It is a very profitable business. Everybody loves to come here knowing the price is always fixed and always same for everyone. So no chance to bargain the price. When you targeted customers all are men then you have to keep all the men’s products. From saving foam to shoes will be your products.

13. Ice-Cream Shop Business in Bangladesh

Ice Cream Shop

A good business location, quality of ice-cream, the good decoration is the three principles in this business. Indeed, an ice-cream shop is a profitable business idea.

14. Aquarium Shop Business in Bangladesh

Aquarium Shop

Generally, your customers are rich enough because they want to buy an aquarium. The quality-full aquarium you have to display.

This is a slow business rather than other businesses but still very profitable. Again, the location and services are the keys to success.

15. Juice Bar Business in Bangladesh

Juice Bar Shop

The juice bar is a profitable idea to start your own business. At the starting time, you need around 7 to 8 lack to start.

16. Electronic Shop Business in Bangladesh

Electronics Shop

This business is the most trending and lucrative business ideas now in Bangladesh.

Like other shop’s business location is the key fact. You can apply for big companies’ dealership and that would be great to start.

17. Furniture Shop Business in Bangladesh

Furniture Shop

Today furniture is the most increasing industry in Bangladesh. At the beginning, you need to invest a good amount and then you’ll earn a good return. You can sell your furniture online. Online advertising is a good way to market your furniture.

18. Bicycle Shop Business in Bangladesh

Bicycle Shop

In the present time, the bicycle business is most profitable. You can buy it from a company or can sell their bicycle. This business is so good while you are doing another one.

19. Sports Shop Business in Bangladesh

Sports Shop

Bangladesh is a sports crazy nation. You can start small scale sports products manufacturing business. Like Sports Jersey, Cap, Sports pants, etc.

20. “1 to 99” Shop Business in Bangladesh

1 to 99 shop

1 to 99 shop business in Bangladesh is among the oldest and most profitable businesses. There is huge scope to make money here. 

Online Business Ideas in Bangladesh

Here are some top online business ideas in Bangladesh.

21. Online “Used Products Buy and Sell” Business in Bangladesh

Used Products Buy & Sell

This is another low investment business ideas in Bangladesh as well as in the world too. The business is simple, you will buy used products and make some repair and sell it to another customer. It is a online business idea in Bangladesh too.

For example, a mobile phone, laptop, computers, TV is the products for this business. Online advertising is the option to buy or sell. A good amount of money can be earned easily if you are a hard worker. It is also a good business ideas for students in Bangladesh.

22. Online Shop or E-commerce Business

Online Shop

E-commerce business is one of the profitable business ideas but there needs lots of hard work.

The main advantage of this business is you can run this business from home also.

In Bangladesh there are more than 9000 e-commerce websites and more than 15000 F-commerce pages are doing business.

23. Make a YouTube Channel

Youtube Channel

If you are good in video editing, you can open your own YouTube Channel. It is one of the best online business ideas for students in Bangladesh.

Of course, it is a money making project but never use others video. Try to make your own content because YouTube is clever than us.

24. Social Media Manager

Social Media Platforms

It is one of the greatest home business ideas in Bangladesh. Because it is such a business idea that can be easily operated by anyone sitting at their home. Surely, this is the golden period for Bangladesh online revolution. Many companies are looking for a social media manager.

You can start this business without investment. But you need an online advertisement to get customers.

25. Monetize your website with Google AdSense

AdSense Earnings

If you have a website where you are getting lots of visitors then you can monetarize your site with Google AdSense. It is one of the best online business ideas in Bangladesh. Also a great business opportunity for students to earn online.

Google AdSense is a revenue sharing project where you can earn safe, limitless and secure money by monetizing your website.

26. Online Newspaper Business

Online Newspaper

This is a short time business idea. You can start with a very little amount of money. The business plan is simple. It is also a very easy online business idea in Bangladesh.

You will but domain, hosting, provide content, make a viral Facebook page and try to sell all the things.

New Business Ideas in Bangladesh

Here are some new business ideas in Bangladesh for you.

27. Photography Business Idea in Bangladesh

Photography Business

Photography is an art. This is not only a hobby. You can earn a lot’s of money as a professional photographer.

Only if you can turn that art into a successful business. It is a very low budget and innovative business idea in Bangladesh.

In Bangladesh, a wedding photographer is in very demand.

You can open your business by running a Free Facebook page and proper Social Media Marketing. Upload Photos of your work so that people can understand your quality.

Indeed, it is a profitable small business idea in Bangladesh.

28. Car Wash Business Idea in Bangladesh

Carwash Business

In foreign countries, it is a profitable business and Bangladesh too. This is a suitable Business idea for Bangladeshi Students.

29. Rent Wedding Dresses

Rent Dress

This looks funny but surely you can earn lots of money. Renting wedding dresses is a good option to start while you are doing another business.

You can take it as a part-time business also. Make online advertising to do get more customers.

30. Security Service Business Idea in Bangladesh

Security Guards Service

Many house owners and small companies are looking for a security service.

In Bangladesh, there have few companies who are providing these types of business. You can start this business in a very comfortable way.

31. Artificial Tree and Flower Making Business

Artificial Flower Shop

It is also among the new business ideas with low investment in Bangladesh. Though, this is machine depended business but a very unique business idea in Bangladesh. The demand for an artificial tree, flowers are increasing day by day.

They are used in-house designing. The startup cost is high but whenever you start no one can stop you.

Small Manufacturing Business Ideas in Bangladesh

Here some small manufacturing business ideas in Bangladesh.

32. Leather Belt Manufacturing Business in Bangladesh

Belt Manufacturing Business

Among all the manufacturing business ideas this is the most profitable business in Bangladesh. In fact, investment is lower than in other manufacturing businesses.

33. Small Scale Garments Business in Bangladesh

Small Garments

A small-scale Garment is one of the best small manufacturing business ideas in Bangladesh. Try to work to fulfill local markets demand. A small-scale Garments is an obviously profitable business but before starting make a business plan. Try to find out your strength and weakness for this business.

Business Ideas in Bangladesh for Students & Women

Here are some business ideas in Bangladesh for students and women.

34. T-Shirt Business in Bangladesh

T-Shirts Shop

This is an attire that all class people love. T-shirt Business is a low-cost business ideas in Bangladesh. If you have a unique design, know your customers demand then you will succeed.

35. Provide Lunch in the Corporate Office

Food Catering Service

Homemade lunch providing in the corporate office is a great small business idea Bangladesh Based.

Before starting you have to make the menu and ensure that you can provide good quality foods. Young business mined people, students, women can start this business very comfortably.

36. Small Food Cart Business in Bangladesh

Small Food Cart Business

Personally, I loved this business. It is another small-scale business opportunity in Bangladesh. Before starting this business try to get permission from your local authority.

37. Be an Insurance Agent

Insurance Agent

Insurance selling business or insurance agent is my most favorite business on this list.

Because you will earn money from one sale for up to 15 years. For example, you sold an insurance today, then you will get commission until the maturity of that insurance.

This is like tree plantation. I think becoming an insurance agent is the best passive income way in Bangladesh.

38. Start Freelancing


If you are a student, a housewife then you can start your career in freelancing. It is very popular among students and doesn’t take huge investments. All you need is some time to acquire some skills that you sell to help others.

New Business Ideas in Bangladesh 2022

Here are some new business ideas in Bangladesh for 2022.

39. Business Plan Writing


To be sure the business plan writing for startups business is very unique in Bangladesh. If you have vast knowledge in every business sector then you can sell your business plan. This is creative ways to make money in Bangladesh but needs hard work.

Most Profitable Business Ideas in Bangladesh

40. Invest in IPO

Invest in IPO

Investing in IPO (Initial Public Offering) business is completely risk-free income source. You can apply for IPO for and if you are lucky then you get good profit by winning IPO Share. If you want a small investment in Bangladesh then you can look for IPOs.

41. Invest in Secondary Share Market in Bangladesh

Dhaka Stock Exchange

In general, Share Market in Bangladesh is two types.

One is risk-free but limited earning is called IPO.

The next one is the secondary market where have risks but if you are an expert then you can earn a lot of money. If you want a small investment in Bangladesh then you can look for secondary shares in Dhaka Stock Exchange.

Agricultural & Farming Business Ideas in Bangladesh

42. Poultry Farming Business for Eggs

Egg Farming

If you are looking for Agricultural business ideas in Bangladesh and want to start a farming business then why not start poultry farm for eggs production? Layer poultry farming business is one of the oldest business but profitable too.

In fact, it is one of the most successful business industry in Bangladesh.

In recent time, farmers are getting low profit due to poultry feed cost. There is a solution, you have to make one feeds for your hens.  This method will increase your profit.

43. Broiler Poultry Farming Business

Poultry Farming

Broiler Poultry farming is also a profitable Agro business idea in Bangladesh. Whenever we go to eat for chicken fry the broiler hens are there. It is a profitable business not only in cities but also on countryside areas in Bangladesh. If you want to make more profit then you have to make feed for your farm by keeping food quality.

44. Duck Farming Business

Duck Farming

Duck’s eggs are more demand-able then hens eggs. To start a duck farming business you need to have a pond or any free water source.

If you have a small pond then you can start is comfortable. Combining fish and duck is a very profitable idea to start a new business Bangladesh.

45. Dairy Farming Business

Cow Farming

In the farming business, the dairy farm would be the number one business. This is a long-term business. In fact, you can run your dairy farm as a side business too.

Before starting a dairy farm you should make a business plan. You can earn more than 500 BDT from two cows by selling milk. The cattle are the bonus income in the dairy farming business.

46. Goat Farming Business

Goat Farming

Surely, this is a very profitable small business ideas Bangladesh based. It requires less hard work but a good return of profit. The demand for goat’s meats is always high in Bangladesh. Indeed, it would be your next new business.

47. Fish Farming Business

Fish Farming

This is another lucrative business idea to start your own business in Bangladesh.

There is a huge demand for fish in the local and national market. If you want to start a side business, then a fish farming business is a good option. There you don’t need to invest a big amount of money to start.

48. Fish and Duck in the same place

Fish and Duck Farming

Combining duck and fish farming business is a very good business to start in Bangladesh.

It will reduce fish feed cost and your business will be profitable. There are lots of people doing this in Bangladesh. Women, young businessman or beginners can be operated with minimum effort.

49. Vegetable Farming Business

Vegetable Farming

If you want to start your own business with small capital in Bangladesh then there this is vegetable farming.

Every small starting is the steps of big industry. If you can supply your vegetable in a super shop then that would be great.

Besides, there is a huge demand for vegetables in the local markets too. So there you don’t need to worry about the selling process.

50. Bee Farming Business

Bee Farming

This is one of the most uncommon and unique business ideas in Bangladesh. Honey is the things that are always a valuable food item. Before starting the commercial bee farm you have to need to get well training. This is a small business where investment is low but the return is good.

51. Rice Cultivation

Rice Farming

Rice is not only a stable food but its favorite in all parts of the world which makes it a good crop to cultivate. One of your best options is to go into rice farming if you’re looking towards starting an agricultural crop cultivation business.

The business is most preferable if you live in an area (preferably swampy and watery areas). And the areas that are the soil composition and the climatic conditions support the growth of rice.

Also, it’s true that before you make huge profits from rice farming you don’t have to go all the way from cultivation to processing to bagging and to retailing. And you’ll find readily available buyers of raw rice after successful harvesting. The buyers are those who have a factory for processing, bagging and wholesale distribution of rice.

52. Tomatoes and Pepper Cultivation

Tomato Farming

As tomato and pepper play prominent roles in the preparation or stew, they are another key agricultural product of Bangladesh. Also, these are the crops that produce irrespective of the part of the world that you live in. moreover, it’s easy to cultivate that’s one good thing about tomatoes and pepper.

And there is a large market for tomatoes and pepper as a matter of fact. So, one of your options is to go into the cultivation of tomatoes and pepper if you’re looking at considering an agricultural business idea.

53. Flower Business

Flower Farming

Because of the flower is a symbol of love. It is used for any type of decoration. You can run a flower business in a nursery, then you can sell them to house owners and hotel owners. You can take an extra cost to the buyer if you transplant the flower from the nursery to the permanent soil.

54. Fruits Plantation

Fruit Farming

Bangladesh is famous for several types of fruits and some of them are mangoes, litchis, guavas, jackfruits, pawpaw, pineapples, berries etc. Although there is a large market for fruits, that fruits can process into drinks and juice makes it highly sellable. It will be to your advantage to go in fruits cultivation if you have access to a large portion of land. You can do it when there is an area with good soil compositions and good climatic condition.

55. Pineapples Plantation

Pineapples Farming

Apart from the fruit itself, there are many things come from pineapples. These include not only pineapple chips but pineapple flavor, juice etc as well. Because there is a global market for pineapple products, these products can export from one country to another.

Thus, one of your options is to go into pineapples cultivation when you are looking towards starting an agricultural based business in Bangladesh.

56. Mangoes Plantation

Mango Farming

From a seedling state to fruition stage, mangoes take time to grow. That’s why you must be patient enough to wait if you’re considering going into the cultivation of mangoes cultivation. The best thing about it is that you can be rest secure to harvest mangoes once or twice a year when the trees are up.

57. Sugarcane Plantation

Sugarcane Farming

Sugarcane also easy to cultivate and it brings good profits as the rewards. The business is most suitable for the people those who are living near the river areas of Bangladesh. And you can start this agricultural based business if you’re interested.

Frequently Asked Questions: Business Ideas in Bangladesh

Here are some common questions and their answers related to Business Ideas in Bangladesh.

What is profitable & non-profitable business?

Neither every business is profitable nor non-profitable. There isn’t any rules or convention that will make a business profitable. To make any business profitable you must have to do lots of hard work and it mostly depends on your effective and efficient business plan. In other hand, non-profitable business meaning you or with any group from your society is trying to do something for the people without any intention of profit. People make little donation or investment without profit in your charity and you run some business to help people. So in this article, I will only write for the opportunity of most profitable business in Bangladesh.

Which business is the most profitable in Bangladesh?

In last 10 years there has been a lots of changed in every sector in Bangladesh. Industries like technology, agriculture, education has been developed so much in the country. As of May 2019, Bangladesh has now 16 crore mobile subscribers according to BTRC (Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission). Bangladesh reaches to a milestone by reaching total 9 crore internet subscribers that 50% of the total population of the country. Lots of possibilities are emerging in every corner of the country. Country is moving forward and already been rewarded as one of the fastest growing economy. There are lots of profitable business in Bangladesh in every sector and in every industry.

What is the best small business in Bangladesh?

If you are students and want to do anything, then small business ideas are the best option for you to doing anything.

Many business ideas are most profitable than in other job sectors. You can easily be running to any business without hesitation which is also a great preclusive for the nation’s economy.

There are thousands of business ideas are running in Bangladesh. If you are a beginner and want to start a business, then you must follow some profitable and small business ideas.

Is Bangladesh good for business?

Bangladesh is a big potential market for U.S. exports, with a growing garment sector providing steady export-led economic growth. Low-cost labor is the factor most often cited by the private as well as the public sector in Bangladesh when asked to name the most attractive features of the country.

Which product is in high demand in Bangladesh?

The most valuable Bangladeshi imports also include food items like wheat, rice, soya-bean oil and dried shelled vegetables etc. Refined petroleum oils, cars and mobile phones are other areas where Bangladesh shows strong demand for imports.

What is the famous product in Bangladesh?

The country is diversifying its export base in terms of products and destinations while tapping into its vibrant private sector and large pool of inexpensive labor. Bangladesh’s major export item is readymade-garments and others include shrimps, jute, leather goods and tea.

Is business easy in Bangladesh?

Ease of Doing Business in Bangladesh is expected to reach 179.00 by the end of 2020, according to Trading Economics global macro models and analysts expectations. In the long-term, the Ease of Doing Business in Bangladesh is projected to trend around 179.00 in 2022, according to our econometric models.

Can foreigners do business Bangladesh?

Foreign investors are allowed to invest or own shares or incorporate companies in most sectors. Prior approval is required for some sectors. Foreign investors may also establish a joint venture company with either a local or another foreign investor.

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